Wednesday, 9 February 2011


the last kit i ended up selling which pleased me as its the 1st kit i sold, so i hope these sell to, as they are a great kits and lots in them. Also i wanted to mention if there is anything in these kits that that been given to me in a swap then i must apoligise, i hate hording my things and feel it is better to give to someone who can make use of it, and i really do appricate the swaps ive done and recieved. in the ribbons section i have kept some back so please dont worry as they are all gorgous. Also it is is hard to keep track of who has sent what as ive done a few swaps this year. Thankyou.

I also wated to say, i have been worried latley that people have not been getting there swaps but i had a few messages today on the scrap beach and they said they have recieved packages so im over the moon and thankyou for letting me know and doing the swaps with me.

On the last note i would like to say a massive thankjyou to my youtube fans for subscribing to me, i have 18 subscribers now and im loving it. Thankyou.

Please also check out this i have for sale aswell on my youtube thankyou. there is another iotem i have for sale but i have not managed to do a video yet. will post it when i have though. its xmas themed.

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