Saturday, 12 February 2011

Giveaway at 30 followers -CLOSED

i have decided to do a small giveaway at 30 followers. so were on 24 at min so come follow me and ill leave a comment on this thread if you want to be included in the giveaway then i will pick 1 winner. thankyou to everyone who is following me it means alot to me.

Also theres an awsome giveaway here at this blog aswell check it out. x


  1. Hi, only come across this. Its fab hun. Love to enter your give away......... Hope all is well xxx

  2. Hi Li, saw you post on the beach, giveaways are always so much fun and exciting.
    happy scrappy

  3. Though i subbed yesterday after your friend request, but i guess not, So now i subbed and you guessed it you have 30..YAY !!!!

  4. Hi Li:
    I saw your giveaway at the Beach... We have something in common... My daughter is 10 years old and love to scrap as well... Maybe they can become pen pals and scrap friends...
    best regards,

  5. congratulations Wanda you are the winner i picked out the jar. and thankyou to everyone who has joined in on the giveaway. the next giveaway will be when i hit 50 followers. thankyou once again. x