Thursday, 27 January 2011

update on the prima mini album & babble

well i tried but it didnt sell, i have put it up again but who knows... anyway been trying my hand at some flowers, think im getting there slowley, just need a ill ask santa next time so fingers crossed.... i also put my 1st kit together today aswell im so proud tried selling but i cant get the price right so im gonna see if i can do a kit swap with someone, not sure yet. i want to put another together but this time will have to use card stock as chipboard so i will have to put a couple together to  make it thicker, as i have ran out of chipoboard and no spending for me now for a couple of that means no ebay i can still swap though starting next month very low couple of weeks for pennies....:( oh listen me now im babbling on. SOwwwiieeee ive been watching loads of videos on my ipod from youtibe on how to put kits together and i wanna learn properly then hopefully you never know i might start trying to sell them or swap regualr with them. who knows whats round the corner.

I not been to good recently and sooo tired this horrible fibromyalgia, but im coping so far i have to write everything down or i forget but im not bothered about that its just if i forget to look at what i right then ill start to found out today that well a confirmation i have been suffering with hymapalegic migraines where my left side just goes dead from head to toe, or numb and shooting pains going threough my left side of face its horrid. but my husband has been wonderful and helped me alot. love him loads.

anyhow im gonna do some scrapbooking with my daughter on sasturday as she loves to scrapbook aswell, i have some photos somewhere of her work she has done a couple of albums, shes very krafty like runs in the blood from my mums side i think.

thats all for now thanx for reading this and sorry for babbling on, im just annoyed ast my self for spending way to much money on crap basically. aarrgghhh nevermind the milk has spilt and i need to stop being impulsive..... i will learn the hardway thats always been

bye 4 now and ill be back soon with some photos hopefully of me and courtney scrapbooking. xxxx

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