Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Not enough time in the day

Hiya, just come in from shopping and courtney is due back from school soon, and ive got so much i want to do, but theres not enough time in the day...lol ive got stamps i want to colour in, cards i want to make and on top of all that HOUSEWORK!....lol i need the little housework fairies to come and help me i think....lol plus im still feeling a little under the weather, but im at the docotors tomorow, anyway enough about that...

Here is a card i made for another friend of mine the other day. hope u like it. and as soon as i have made some more i will post pics up on here. and my facebook account. 
The picture beneath it is a card i have available if anyone is intrested please email me. hugznkiissiz@yahoo.co.uk



  1. Hi hun. Hope you ok. Your cards are stunning, and I am loving your blog! xxx

  2. thanx sweetie i love ur blog aswell. xxx